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From 'Wondrous Stories' magazine written by Martin Hudson - sent in by Lorna Price. (2001)
'A bluesman with a seasonal Christian name and an album title very relevant to what is happening to the climate in the UK at the moment. Never mind, the rainy days might go away when you hear this superb blues/rock album.
Keith has a strong voice and a good band that create blues in a non-depressing fashion. Twelve titles, and lengthy titles at that, 'Got A Ticket To The Sun And An Old Guitar' for one, that paint a warmer picture of the much-knocked genre.
The Hamsters and The Producers are contemporaries of the Keith Christmas Band and each and every one of them are thoroughly entertaining live and on album with a stock delivery, as is demonstrated here. Tidy acoustic and electric guitar work add to the attraction. You can't knock it.'
From the Swedish online record store 'More Than Music' courtesy of Magnus Florin (2001)

'At first when seing the title of this band, I almost thought this was gonna be a christmas tale. An album filled up with classic x-mas tunes, but of course it wasn't. Instead there's this cozy blues feel approachin right away with the introducing tracks.

I'd like to compare it to some of Gary Moore's softer movements as well as the bluesy material from an artist like Eric Clapton. Some David Bowie freaks will recognise Keith's name, since he played acoustic guitar on Bowies first album 'Space Oddity'. But in for instance 'Need Your Love So Bad' I hear an obvious resemblance with the Beatles' 'Oh Darling' of the Abbey Road album. It's just as if Keith has translated this tune into this own bluesier touch.

The Beatles meet Santa Claus with a blue mood. Sounds great! 'Lie Down With the Devil' is also among my favourites of the album. It's got the sound very much typical to Pink Floyd during 'The Wall' period. But the song is a bit more uptempo which would be better compared to Dire Straits, so you can easily see why I like this track. 'The Days Are Long' is an uptempo blues boogie tune, which I guess almost everyone would call among the best of the album. It's got the energy for its tempo, but is in general a great tune where Keith shines on vocals.'

For all blues afficionaos! Get this one!

From the online internet magazine Acid Attack Music courtesy of Martyn Jones (2001)

This is a reissue of a 1992 offering from Keith Christmas (and friends) who has been around on the UK music scene on and off for over 30 years. Predominately known for folk music, this offering is blues based club sound. Slide guitar work and a laid back sound; very much an Eric Clapton approach to the blues.

Solid from beginning to end on this collection of 12 songs, all tracks are self-penned apart from the classic Need your love so Bad, and Corinne Corinna. Not a missed note anywhere on this and a smooth atmosphere throughout should find many modern blues fan getting hours of listening from this CD.

To fully enjoy the sound that the Keith Christmas blues band came up with I feel you would have had to catch these guys live. Though, I see no reason why this CD can't be a worthy replacement for what a great night out the blues with Keith Christmas would have been.