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This is a CD of the blues band which gigged from 1990 to 1993.

It was originally released in 1992 on Run River records and was reissued in 2002 on Voiceprint Records with a new cover designed by Keith.

The Story of the Band


Keith started Weatherman in 1991 in Bristol to do a few local gigs and have a bit of fun when not working as an ICT teacher in a city comprehensive. This came from a long-term partnership with his friend Martin Vinson (bass and backing vocals) playing as a duo and in a variety of bands in London in the late 70's and early 80's

Keith had a long history of making records and touring, and Martin had played with people like Gino Washington, Paul Brett and Rick Davis from Supertramp

Richie Yalland ran a music shop in Bristol and joined as guitarist, when he wasn't playing in a variety of local bands including the Bristol good-time outfit 'Flash Harry'

Kieran Argo was also playing in local bands, doing various jobs and joined up as drummer. they played together for 2½ years doing clubs, pubs and festivals

The CD

Run River was a small independent record company which had gained a lot of respect for the release of the John Renbourn/Steve Tilston collaboration 'Ship of Fools' and was run by the American entrepreneur Fred Underhill

They gave Keith a budget and he arranged to make the album at the Coach House studio in Bristol. The band put in 2 weeks of intensive arranging and Keith produced the album with the expert assistance of studio owner and engineer Andy Allen

At a band gig at the 'Fire Station' in Oxford, the support act was a brilliant young barrelhouse piano player by the name of Mike Wonham and he guested on 2 of the tracks

The Result

the album was completed in 2 weeks of long sessions, 1000 copies were printed and everybody was as happy with the result as was possible given the time and budget restrictions of the recording. Nothing was heard from the record company and it slowly became apparent that the company had been teetering on the brink of insolvency for a long time

There was no distribution and within 3 months the company had been wound up. Fred went back to America and some time later Keith was able to buy back the rights to the songs from the liquidator and to track down the remaining tapes and CDs at an auctioneer's warehouse in Devon. The album was never officially released

The Aftermath

A year after the album was made Fred Underhill had a heart attack in New Mexico and died

Massive Attack bought the studio

Andy Allen now runs a studio consultancy service and still does sound engineeering

Richie Yalland gave up both playing and his shop and is now a computer network engineer in Canada

Kieran Argo still plays and is now press officer for the world-famous Aardman animation studios in Bristol, makers of 'Chicken Run' and the 'Wallace & Grommit' series

Martin Vinson sold his house in Wandsworth and moved to Brittany in France where he bought 2 cottages and converted them to gites. Martin and Keith still keep in contact and Keith regularly goes over to play in the local bars with Martin's band of young French musicians