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This is the first time Keith has ever produced a solo CD. This is a long-overdue chance to demonstrate the natural skill he has as a solo singer-songwriter.

One track, 'Stone With a View' was discovered lost and forgotten on a 1/4 inch tape reel he was transferring to computer to make a safety copy and had originally been recorded in the middle of winter in a farm in Somerset on a Revox tape recorder.

Light of the Dawn

This version is on the Brighter Day' CD as a bonus track and as such is the only song on this CD which has been previously released. The version on 'Light of the Dawn' has been rewritten slightly to bring it more up to date.

Another track, 'Western Man' was found on an old reel Keith made in the early 80's just before he stopped playing for over a decade. An early version is on CNET ( in the US and in two years it has had over 8,000 downloads. (Four tracks have generated over 40,000 downloads and the site is high in their acoustic rankings). 'Western Man' too has been reworked and is already becoming well known from Keith's live performances.

Of the rest of the tracks, they have either been part of Keith's live sets in recent years or are newly written

One other track, 'Lowly Low' was originally written by a west country singer, Dave Mudge who died in tragic circumstances in 1998. Before he died, Keith wrote his own version of it based on Dave's original concept. Another version of the song was published as 'Modern Times' by Al Stewart's publishers (he wrote his own version in the 70's!) and they have given Keith permission to take an arranger's share to contribute towards a memorial bench above the trowbridge Festival for Dave and other acoustic musicians who are no longer with us

'Light of the Dawn' has been recorded, engineered and mixed by Keith in his study/studio in Bristol and he has designed the cover himself